I am a multi-field Game/World designer.
My experience has given me a good overview of the different componenents and constraints in the video game production such as :

- 3d graphics (training in modeling and texturing)
- Programming (using PHP and web-based language)
- Leveldesign (as leveldesigner)
- Project management
- Public Relations
- And yeah, i also make great coffee :)

I specialize in MMORPG. I love working on gamesystems relating to balancing, crafting, progression systems, managing in-game flux (gold/xp/raw materials/items), political/theological/guild systems and world follow up (to maintain features/events in concordance with the world design/storyline)

As I have shown in different game projects, i am capable of adapting my gamedesigner skills to diffrent types of games and platforms. I appreciate the challenges that a new project brings!